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  Neoflam Knives
Attract attention wit their aesthetic beauty, make a statement with practical shapes and designs, and come with the quality and durability expected from a superior performance knife.

NeoFlam knives come in a full range from our smallest paring knife to our largest chef knife. A special blade shape and size for every task ensure that all food preparation can be done with convenience and minimal effort.

A practical and attractive titanium coating comes in fourteen beautiful color combinations. All our coatings are guaranteed to withstand heavy use. The coating prevents corrosion and sticking, keeping knife blades more sanitary and accelerates chopping speed.
Chef, #8C 8"(20.5cm)
Santoku, #7T 7"(17.9cm)
Slicer, #7S 7"(17.9cm)
Slicer, #8S 8"(20.9cm)
Bread, #8B 8"(20.5cm)
8" Sandwich, #8D 8"(20.5cm)
7" Sandwich, #7D 7"(17.9cm)
6" Sandwich, #6D 6"(14.9cm)
Cheese, #5Z 5"(12.8cm)
Steak, #5K 5"(12.8cm)
Utility, #5U 5"(12.8cm)
Paring, #3P 3.5"(9.1cm)

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