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  EcolonPan Features    
  Benefits of die-casted aluminum cookware  
  • Allows for sturdy cookware with light-weight by using high-grade aluminum alloy approximately 5mm thick at the base and the rim; in addition, the base has excellent heat conductivity and is perfect for gas, electric or ceramic stovetops.
  • Allows different thicknesses: rim thick – wall thin – base thick
  • Different thickness allows for light weight design – thin wall thickness does not contribute to cooking
  • Thick rim prevents warping
  • Thick bottom enables even heat distribution (reduce heat spots) and prevents warping
  • Design flexibility: integrated neckline, coined and textured base design
  About Ecolon Coating  

Ecolon is a completely PTFE and PFOA free nonstick ceramic coating based on Sol-Gel technology.

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- Smart & adaptable design cookware system
- Textured exterior wall
- Space saving nestable storage
- Patented detachable handle
- Multi-functional from freezer, oven / cooktop to table
- Patented SunBean design base
- Aluminum die-casting
- Detachable bakelite handle
- Inuction base available (inserted disk - China / spray method - Korea)
- Available glass lid: 16cm, 20cm, 24cm, 28cm
- Available plastic lid: 20cm, 24cm
- Made in Korea and China




CD-S16 16cm sauce pan
CD-C20 20cm casserole
CD-L24 24cm low casserole
CD-F28 28cm F/P
PE cover 20, 24cm
Multi-cover 20, 22, 24, 26, 28cm

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