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Neoflam Vacuum food Storage combines vacuum function with the innovation of Microban technology. The innovative vacuum valve keeps air out of the container to slow oxidation and keep food fresher, while Microban protection effectively inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on the storage container surface.

The vacuum valve can also be used to automatically release steam from the container during microwave use or increase pressure inside the container to speed up marinating time.
VS2S55 3L, 162x162x250mm
VS2S53 2.5L, 162x162x175mm
VS2S52 1.5L, 162x162x110mm
VS2S51 800ml, 162x162x70mm
VS2R23 1.4L, 162x120x150mm
VS2R22 1.0L, 162x120x110mm
VS2R21 600ml, 162x120x70mm
VS2R11 330ml, 115x90x70mm
VS2R10 200ml, 115x90x50mm
VS2R33 3.3L, 230x162x150mm
VS2R32 2.3L, 230x162x110mm
VS2R31 1.2L, 230x162x70mm
VS2R43 4.7L, 270x195x150mm
VS2R42 3.2L, 270x195x110mm
VS2R41 2.0L, 270x195x70mm
FS-R10H 3.2L Lid with Carrying Handle
FS-R08 1.5L
FS-R06 600ml
FS-R04 200ml

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